Budget your association newsletter predictably at a fixed 2-year price of $418 per issue:

  • 12 monthly issues for $5,000 per year (approximately $18.00 per hour*) or,
  • 4 quarterly issues for $1,670 per year (approximately $18.00 per hour*)

Consider that the average time to design, lay out, write, edit and publish a four-page newsletter is approximately 22 hours.  An eSummarize newsletter will include well-researched articles, updates, events and announcements requiring significant time interviewing key association members, legislators, and others.  Typical associations large enough to hire in-house staff typically delegate newsletter writing responsibility to 1-2 employees who spend as much as a third to half of their time on each newsletter – so you can quickly see that eSummarize provides professionally written newsletters with attractive, easy-to-read layout at a very fair price.

*To cover related costs (software updates, hardware, maintenance, etc.), a 5% fee is added to the hourly rate


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