How would your association benefit from publishing a monthly or quarterly newsletter?

Newsletters increase membership participation in the association because a regularly issued newsletter gets members talking and sharing information about upcoming events, member profiles, and featured articles. This increased interaction, whether by social media or telephone or email, will increase traffic to your association’s website, its Facebook page, etc. Equally important, this greater level of membership dialogue will increase the level of volunteerism in your association.

Is your newsletter intended just for your association’s members?

Well, that depends on your association’s president and board. You may want to limit the readership to your members or, like many other associations, your association’s newsletter can enhance its reputation by being sent to your state legislators as well. Each newsletter will usually have one or two articles where one or more legislators will be mentioned, quoted, or even interviewed – so it makes sense to circulate your newsletter in legislative halls…it shows your association is forward-looking, organized, and has a specific agenda about which a good legislator would want to be familiar.

How will your association’s information be collected to form its newsletter?

Eric Peters, Copy Editor for eSummarize, will establish strong, working relationships with your key association members in order to create a pipeline of regular information about the association’s events, announcements, committee updates, etc. Additionally, Eric will personally contact association members, vendors, lobbying personnel, and legislators for interviews, quotes, and relevant news information. The resulting summarized news and events will be something your members will anticipate receiving.

How does my association pay for its newsletter?

Easy, quarterly payments are made after your monthly or quarterly issues have been published and you are satisfied.

Who controls your newsletter?

Your association’s President or Board controls every aspect of your newsletter. Issues are pre-approved by your association’s designated officer, so nothing appears in your newsletter that has not already met with your approval. These and other terms are clearly spelled out in a Memorandum of Agreement.

Can your association terminate its two-year contract at any time?

Yes. Sometimes, unforeseen developments necessitate quick budget decisions. Your association may terminate my services at any time, with no penalty. Since your association pays me on a quarterly basis, if for any reason you no longer need or can pay for my services we simply settle up on the next quarterly payment and your association can focus on other business. These and other terms are clearly spelled out in a Memorandum of Agreement.