eSummarize is a newsletter writing service for associations of county and municipal elected officials and key employees.  And not just any news – but news that is current, useful, insightful and interesting.

Your association can benefit from a professionally designed and written monthly (or quarterly) newsletter with substantive, up-to-date association news emailed to its members (and your association newsletter can also be emailed to your state legislators to show that you are organized, forward-looking and to help clearly illuminate your agenda as an effective association).

Because your newsletter copy writer, Eric Peters, currently serves as a county treasurer (and previously as a county commissioner), his day-to-day duties are undoubtedly quite similar to those of your members; he can help you skillfully navigate the key issues you and your members care about.  Let him summarize all the events, issues, developments and announcements about which your association members want to read and know.  To get started, just call Eric Peters at 573.291.9995.

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